A collection of Bigfoot images.

As a small child, my Mom had a large bookcase in our living room. On that bookcase was a paperback book entitled: Sasquatch, by Don Hunter with Rene Dahinden. I read that book many, many times. 
My Step-Father Tony, was from a small Northern Californian town near some of the most famous sightings. We would vist his family occasionally, and I would become convinced that a Bigfoot was watching us from within the surrounding forrest. 
Later, as an adult, I began collecting books and information on Cryptozological creatures such as Bigfoot. After finding reaserch done by others that lead to a long list of international names and descriptions of these creatures, I've given myself the assignment to draw them. These Bigfoot portraits will eventually become a book.

Bigfoot does buisness

Many people know about my personal passion with Bigfoot. Two local Bay Area businesses found out and have graced their spaces with my Bigfoot art.

McRoskey Mattress Factory in San Francisco asked to place my 20' high Bigfoot soft sculpture in their showroom's window. "Bigfoot Loves Minicorn" hung out in their window for three months, ontop of their epic 7' x 7' mattress. The unexpected sightings were fun to watch!

Also, I was comissioned to make another large Bigfoot wall piece for Slicer Pizzaria in Oakland, CA. He is so beloved at this local business that he has become a Pok'emon GO spot!